Amphion Two15 2018 – Black


Fully Tested with a Money Back Guarantee. Includes an Amphion Wood Crate but not the original crate that came with these speakers.


The Amphion Two15 is a high-performance near-field studio monitor known for its precise sound reproduction, fast transient response, and extended bass. Here’s a detailed look at its key features and design elements:


**Key Features**


1. Accurate Sound Reproduction

– Engineering Nuances: The Two15 captures fine engineering details in the sound, offering high-resolution audio that allows for the identification of subtle nuances and textures in recordings.

– Musical Emotion Despite its technical precision, the Two15 retains musicality, delivering an engaging and emotionally vivid listening experience.


2. **Design and Build**

– **Drivers:** It features two 5.25″ paper cone mid-woofers and a 1″ titanium dome tweeter.

– **Crossover Design:** The advanced crossover design ensures a seamless blend between the drivers, enhancing the clarity and coherence of the sound.

– **Waveguide:** Amphion’s proprietary waveguide technology directs the sound in a controlled manner, improving stereo imaging and off-axis response.


3. **Performance**

– **Fast Transients:** The monitor is designed to handle fast transient responses effectively, making it suitable for genres and tracks with rapid dynamic changes.

– **Bass Extension:** It offers extended bass response, which is somewhat rare in near-field monitors of its size, providing a fuller and more balanced sound without the need for a subwoofer in many setups.


4. **Versatility**

– **Ideal for Short Listening Distances:** The Two15 is optimized for near-field listening, making it ideal for small to medium-sized studio environments.

– **Applications:** Suitable for critical listening, mixing, and mastering, particularly in spaces where accurate sound reproduction is crucial.


### **Specifications**

– **Frequency Response:** Typically around 44 Hz to 20 kHz.

– **Power Handling:** Up to 150W RMS.

– **Impedance:** 8 ohms.

– **Sensitivity:** Around 86 dB.


### **Sound Quality**

– **Neutrality:** Delivers a flat frequency response, providing an honest representation of the audio signal without coloration.

– **Detail Retrieval:** Excellent detail retrieval makes it easy to hear micro-dynamics and fine details in the mix.

– **Stereo Imaging:** Precise stereo imaging helps in accurately placing instruments and effects within the soundstage.


### **Build Quality**

– **Cabinet:** The cabinet is solidly constructed to minimize resonances and coloration, typically using high-quality materials like MDF.

– **Aesthetic:** Clean and professional design, often with a modern and minimalist look.


### **User Experience**

– **Installation:** Easy to set up in various configurations, often used on stands or directly on desks with proper isolation.

– **Adjustments:** May include adjustments for optimizing performance based on room acoustics and placement.


### **Comparison with Similar Models**

– **Amphion One15:** The Two15 offers more bass extension and output compared to the One15, making it better suited for those needing a bit more low-end response.

– **Competitors:** Compared to other brands like Genelec or Neumann in the same price range, the Two15 often stands out for its unique combination of technical precision and musical engagement.


### **Conclusion**

The Amphion Two15 is an exceptional choice for those seeking a near-field monitor that combines technical accuracy with musicality. Its ability to reproduce sound with high fidelity while maintaining an engaging and emotional listening experience makes it suitable for a wide range of professional audio applications.


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