AudioScape Engineering Co. 76D


This AudioScape 76D has been fully tested and inspected by our expert team and comes with a full money-back, satisfaction guarantee.

AudioScape 76D is a meticulously crafted, USA-built recreation of the classic blackface revision of the 1176 FET compressor, specifically the Revision D. Renowned for its punchy and harmonically rich sound, the Rev. D version of the 1176 has left a lasting legacy in the audio world. AudioScape’s 76D aims to faithfully reproduce this legendary processor, providing a period-correct analog experience for modern engineers and producers.

Key Features:

  1. Faithful Recreation:
    • Period-Correct Design: The 76D is a detailed reproduction of the 1176 Rev. D, designed to capture the essence of the original 1970s hardware. AudioScape has meticulously adhered to the original design principles to ensure authenticity in both sound and appearance.
    • Analog Components: Utilizing high-quality analog components, the 76D delivers the punch, thickness, and harmonic complexity that the original Rev. D is celebrated for.
  2. Classic 1176 Sound:
    • Punchy Dynamics: Known for its ability to enhance the presence and energy of audio signals, the 76D excels in adding punch and clarity to vocals, drums, and other instruments.
    • Harmonic Richness: The 76D imparts a distinctive harmonic complexity, giving audio tracks a warm and pleasing analog character.
  3. Expanded Line-Up:
    • Complete 76 Series: The introduction of the 76D completes AudioScape’s line-up of the most sought-after 1176 revisions, which includes the 76A and 76F. This provides users with a comprehensive selection of the classic FET compressor variants, each with its unique sonic signature.
  4. Handcrafted in the USA:
    • Quality Build: As with all AudioScape products, the 76D is handcrafted in the USA, ensuring high build quality and reliability. The focus on craftsmanship ensures that each unit meets rigorous standards for performance and durability.


  • Recording and Mixing: Ideal for adding vintage character and punch to vocals, drums, guitars, and other instruments during recording and mixing sessions.
  • Live Sound: Suitable for live sound environments where the dynamic control and tonal qualities of the 1176 Rev. D can enhance the performance.
  • Studio Outboard Gear: A valuable addition to any studio’s outboard gear collection, offering the classic 1176 compression sound for a wide range of applications.

Comparative Line-Up:

  • 76A: Reflects the characteristics of the earlier revisions of the 1176, known for their brighter and more aggressive compression.
  • 76F: Represents a later revision, offering a slightly different tonal response with a smoother and more polished compression style.
  • 76D: Focuses on the Rev. D’s well-loved punchy and thick sound, making it a versatile and desirable choice for a variety of audio sources.

Impact and Legacy:

The AudioScape 76D brings the revered sound of the 1176 Rev. D into the modern studio, allowing engineers to enjoy the punchy, harmonically rich compression that has shaped countless recordings. By completing their line-up of 1176 revisions, AudioScape provides a comprehensive toolkit for achieving classic FET compression tones, making the 76D a valuable asset for anyone seeking to enhance their audio production with authentic analog sound.

In summary, the AudioScape 76D is a faithful recreation of the iconic 1176 Rev. D, celebrated for its punchy dynamics and harmonic richness. This classic FET compressor is now available to a new generation of audio professionals, preserving the legendary sound and feel of the original.

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