BAE 1073MPL 500 Series Mic Preamp


This BAE 1073MPL has been fully tested by our expert team and comes with a full money-back, satisfaction guarantee.

Buy your 1073 homage from the company that kept the 1073 alive and made it the legend it is today!

We have four of these available if you need a pair or a set!

The BAE 1073MPL brings the iconic Class A sound of the revered 1073 equalizer to the 500 Series format, offering a rich, harmonically balanced sonic character with deep lows, resonant highs, and focused mids.

Key Features of the BAE 1073MPL:

  • Classic Class A Sound: Captures the renowned 1073 sound signature, characterized by its harmonic richness and musicality.
  • Selectable Impedances: Two impedance settings (1200 and 300 ohms) optimize compatibility with various microphones, enhancing versatility.
  • Wide Bandwidth: Maintains its sonic integrity across a broad frequency range, making it suitable for a variety of recording applications.
  • Transformer-Coupled Design: Features Carnhill St Ives transformers, ensuring high-quality audio signal transmission and vintage warmth.
  • Original Marconi Knobs: Retains the authentic vintage aesthetics and tactile feel of the original 1073 modules.
  • Line Level Capability: Doubles as a versatile line preamp, accommodating a range of audio sources beyond microphones.
  • High Impedance DI: Includes a dedicated DI input for instruments like guitars and synthesizers, preserving their natural tone.

Design and Build Quality:

  • Modular and Hand-Wired: Built with BAE’s renowned craftsmanship, ensuring durability and reliability in professional studio environments.
  • 500 Series Module: Compact and compatible with standard 500 Series racks, offering flexibility in configuring your recording setup.

Experience the BAE 1073MPL—a colored and versatile mic preamp that faithfully reproduces the classic sound of the 1073 EQ, ideal for achieving vintage warmth and character in modern recording applications.

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