Crown DCi 8 channel 300 DA Amplifer



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This Crown DCi 8 channel 300DA was used in a professional recording studio for an ATMOS monitoring system. It is very clean, was fully tested and comes with a money back guarantee.

With Dante network connection, this amp is ready to power your speakers or studio monitors with the control and flexibility Dante offers. Our staff are Dante experts and are here to help you plan your system.

This amplifier is a perfect match for the PMC Ci30 studio monitors we have listed or other passive speakers like ATC 12, Amphion etc.

Crown DriveCore Install DA Series Overview

The Crown DriveCore Install DA (DCi DA) Series is a versatile range of networked amplifiers designed for professional audio installations requiring **Dante** or **AES67** audio networking. These amplifiers integrate advanced technologies to deliver high output power, flexible speaker load support, and efficient performance.

**Key Features:**

1. **DriveCore® Technology**: Proprietary to Crown, this technology ensures high efficiency and exemplary audio quality by integrating the amplifier driver and output stage into a single silicon chip. This minimizes power consumption and heat generation while delivering robust audio performance.

2. **Dante & AES67 Compatibility**: Supports Dante and AES67 protocols for seamless networked audio transport, making it ideal for modern installations that rely on networked audio infrastructure.

3. **Flexible Speaker Load Support**: Capable of driving a variety of speaker loads, including:

– **2/4/8/16 ohm**

– **70V and 100V** distributed audio systems

This flexibility makes it suitable for a wide range of applications from small installations to large distributed systems.

4. **High-Powered DSP**: Equipped with a powerful DSP (Digital Signal Processor) that includes JBL speaker tunings, providing precise control and optimization for various speaker configurations.

5. **Network Control & Monitoring**: Offers comprehensive control and monitoring over the network, allowing remote management and diagnostics, which is essential for large-scale installations and systems management.

6. **EN 54-16 Compliant**: Certified for life safety applications, ensuring the amplifier meets stringent safety standards required for emergency and evacuation systems.

7. **Support for Dante Domain Manager**: Integrates with Dante Domain Manager, enhancing network security, control, and scalability within Dante-enabled audio networks.


1. **Commercial Audio Systems**: Ideal for background music, paging, and public announcement systems in commercial buildings, retail spaces, and hospitality venues.

2. **Networked Audio Installations**: Perfect for installations standardized on Dante for audio transport, providing seamless integration and flexible audio routing.

3. **Life Safety Systems**: Meets compliance requirements for emergency notification and life safety applications in facilities such as airports, stadiums, and large public venues.

4. **Educational Institutions**: Suitable for campuses and schools that require robust audio systems for both everyday use and emergency notifications.

5. **Entertainment Venues**: Provides high-quality audio for theaters, concert halls, and live performance venues.

**Technical Specifications:**

**Output Power**: Varies across models, typically ranging from 300W to 600W per channel (depending on the specific model in the series).

**Channels**: Available in 2-channel, 4-channel, and 8-channel configurations to match different installation needs.

**Impedance**: Supports low-impedance (2, 4, 8, 16 ohms) and high-impedance (70V, 100V) loads.

**Frequency Response**: Wide frequency response ensuring clear and accurate audio reproduction.

**DSP Features**: Includes crossovers, equalization, delay, and speaker presets

**Connectivity**: Ethernet ports for network connectivity, including support for Dante and AES67 audio streaming.

**Dimensions**: Rack-mountable with standard 1U or 2U height, depending on model.

**Why Choose the Crown DCi DA Series?**

1. **Network Integration**: Seamlessly integrates with Dante and AES67 networks, providing flexibility and scalability for networked audio transport.

2. **Versatile Output**: Handles a wide range of speaker loads and configurations, from low-impedance to high-voltage distributed systems.

3. **Efficiency**: DriveCore® technology ensures energy-efficient operation with minimal heat output, reducing cooling requirements and operational costs.

4. **Advanced DSP**: Built-in DSP offers extensive signal processing capabilities, optimizing performance and simplifying setup.

5. **Safety Compliance**: EN 54-16 compliance ensures suitability for critical life safety applications, providing peace of mind for emergency communication needs.

### **Installation Tips:**

– **Network Configuration**: Ensure proper setup and configuration of Dante or AES67 networks for optimal performance and reliability.

– **Speaker Matching**: Utilize built-in JBL speaker tunings for precise matching and optimization with JBL speakers.

– **Monitoring**: Take advantage of network control and monitoring features for remote diagnostics and management, improving maintenance and operational efficiency.

– **Cooling**: Install in a well-ventilated rack to maintain efficient cooling, although the amplifier’s efficient design minimizes heat output.


The Crown DriveCore Install DA Series stands out as a powerful and flexible solution for modern audio installations. Its combination of networked audio support, versatile speaker load handling, and advanced DSP capabilities makes it an excellent choice for applications ranging from commercial audio systems to life safety installations. Whether used in a corporate environment, public venue, or educational institution, the DCi DA Series provides reliable, high-quality audio performance.


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