Demeter RV-1 Real Spring Reverb

*Fully Tested * Money Back Guarntee *


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Fully Tested with a money-back guarantee! There is some rack rash but the unit is in great mechanical and sonic shape.

Recipient of the esteemed Pro Audio Review Excellence Award, the RV-1 Real Reverb sets a new standard for professional sound recording by reintroducing a high-quality real spring reverb after over a decade. This cutting-edge unit incorporates innovative circuit technology, featuring two Accutronics classic full-size 6-spring reverb tanks. Experience the rich analog reverb sound without the typical issues associated with such systems.


Equipped with two channels, each housing its own reverb tank, the RV-1 offers versatility with channel one sporting a short decay time and channel two providing a longer one. Channels can be operated independently or linked together. The unit boasts reverb phase and low cut filter switches, along with input sensitivity, overload indicator, mix, and output level controls for each channel.


Noteworthy is the RV-1’s circuit design, a breakthrough that maintains a flat frequency response for both drive and receiving transducers, resulting in lower noise levels than ever before. Fully balanced inputs and outputs, utilizing Analog Devices 2142 and 2143 audio devices in three-pin or TRS configurations, ensure top-notch audio quality.


The power supply is meticulously regulated at plus or minus 18 volts to maximize headroom and quick transit attack. A custom-built shielded toroidal transformer minimizes noise. Additionally, each Accutronics reverb tank is individually shielded with mu-metal to reduce interference from stray magnetic fields. Comprising only the finest components, the RV-1 Real Reverb guarantees the highest quality reproduction in professional audio recording.