Ex Machina Titan

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Ex Machina Titan

Titan is Ex Machina’s dedicated surround and object-based audio solution. Rather than trying to repackage a nearfield monitor for this unique application, Titan was designed from the ground up to serve the needs of modern multipoint formats. Mini, but mighty, with 90×90, true point source coverage angle, ultra-rigid extruded aluminum cabinets and Ex Machina’s signature Composite Sound Metamodal TX diaphragms, Titan retains all the core Ex Machina DNA, just without the subs. Titan is sold exclusively as a package of four satellites with a mating 2RU amplifier/DSP pack.

Custom SEAS Coaxial Woofer/Tweeter

  • Bleeding edge Composite Sound Metamodal TeXtreme diaphragms: ultralight, ultra-stiff carbon fabrics with optimized fiber geometries to actively control and suppress resonances.
  • Mathematically optimal woofer waveguide shape and true point source behavior, for eerily lifelike imaging.
  • FEA optimized, very low distortion ferrite motor design, with an advanced copper shorting sleeve for very low inductance.


  • Flagship AKM Velvet Sound AK4493/AK5572 based conversion leaves no sonic footprint.
  • Hypex Ncore amplifiers provide gobs of squeaky clean, efficient power.
  • 5th gen SHARC+ DSP hardware can crunch many, many numbers at once.
  • Included 4-channel remote AMP/DSP pack takes up only 2RU.

Sealed Extruded Aluminum Cabinets

  • Ridiculously rigid aluminum extrusion provides arguably the deadest cabinet Ex Machina has ever offered.
  • Integral 75x75mm and 100x100mm MIS-D VESA mounting points enable many inexpensive, flexible deployment options.
  • 4-pole SpeakON input allows for remote bi-amping over a single cable.


  • Proprietary, in-house calibration code completely flattens frequency, phase, and impulse response.
  • Linear Frequency Response: +/- 1db 80hz – 30khz (measured at 30cm cal position)
  • Low Frequency Cutoff: -6db at 58hz
  • Linear Phase Response: +/- 15° 50hz – 30khz
  • Max SPL at 1m: 106db
  • THD+N (94db at cal position): < 0.5% Power Average 100hz – 30khz
  • Coverage Angle: 90° conical

Driver Complement

  • 146mm (5.5”) woofer, 25mm (1”) tweeter, Custom SEAS/Ex Machina/Composite Sound Metamodal TX™ coaxial


  • 2khz, digital 8th order, phase corrected

Amplifier Complement

  • Woofer: Hypex NC122MP – 100W
  • Tweeter: Hypex NC122MP – 50W, voltage limited

Amplifier Ventilation Requirements

  • 1RU above and below the amplifier pack


  • A/D Chipsets: AKM 5572EN
  • D/A Chipsets: AKM AK4493EQ
  • DSP: 5th Gen SHARC+ AD21565

Input Sensitivity

  • 8vrms to full scale (default configuration)
  • 2vrms to full scale (optional high gain configuration)

Mass & Dimensions

  • 165mm H x 165mm W x 165mm D (6.5” x 6.5” x 6.5”)
  • 5.5kg (12lbs)
  • 2RU Amplifier/DSP Pack – 6kg (13lbs)
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