KSD Main-Master System


KSD Main-Master System

KSD Main-Master System presents the ultimate monitoring solution tailored for all stages of the recording, mixing, and mastering process. It combines high-performance features with innovative technology to deliver pulse-accurate, time-correct playback across all sound levels, even in large control rooms. Featuring eight 10″ sub-chassis and dedicated 3″ dome drivers, the system offers extreme resolution and tonal precision. The horn-supported high frequencies create a wide, distortion-free sweet spot, ensuring exceptional clarity and dynamic sound reproduction.

Key Features

  • High-Resolution Audio: Equipped with eight 10” sub-chassis and 3” dome drivers for superior midrange resolution, complemented by a horn-supported high-frequency design that ensures low-distortion output and a broad sweet spot.
  • Advanced FIRTEC(TM) Technology: Utilizes patented phase-linear FIRTEC(TM) filters to create a precise virtual stage, allowing for perfect placement of instruments within the mix.
  • Flexible Installation Options: Can be configured as an open field setup or as a wall-mounted system with the B500 bass expansion, offering high power reserves and accurate sound reproduction.
  • Comprehensive Control Features: Includes the KSD-RC, which provides access to six fully parametric filters for precise adaptation to any studio environment.
  • Optimal Power Design: Features three 250 W RMS PWM power amplifiers with a converter-free connection, minimizing converter losses and enhancing overall sound resolution and clarity.
  • Tonal Neutrality and Accuracy: Designed for use in all professional production stages, ensuring tonal neutrality and exact timing for critical listening tasks.
  • Low-Distortion Performance: The system’s amplifiers and power supplies are engineered to produce extremely low-distortion playback, ensuring the highest fidelity in sound reproduction.
  • Type: 3-way main monitor for free field and wall installation
  • Signal Processing: Analog In: +4dBV; Digital In: AES3 32-192 KHz fs; in FPGA in 24 Bit ADC/DAC FIRTEC™
  • Features: Subtraction Xover, Limiter, 6User EQ, High & Low Shelving, Delay, Gain
  • Drivers: 1″ compression driver on 80°x60° horn, 3″ dome midrange driver, 4 pcs. 10″ high performance bass chassis
  • Power Amplifiers: >750W / 250 W / 200 W
  • SPL (max): >124 / >132 dB peak
  • Frequency Response: 24 – 22000 Hz
  • Weight: 80kg
  • Finish Options: Front available in black or cherry