Moog The Ladder 500 Series Filter

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Discover a revolutionary addition to the 500 Series with The Ladder—an innovative module that elevates your audio experience. Unleashing its capabilities, The Ladder effortlessly refines even the harshest tracks, infusing warmth and body into every sound. Transform lackluster or flat recordings as The Ladder breathes life into them, showcasing its ability to sculpt sound in a remarkably distinctive and exciting manner. Elevate your audio with The Ladder for a dynamic dimension that is truly unparalleled.

  • AUDIO I/OBalanced line level via 500 rack. +19dBµ to -16dBµ input accepted.
  • FILTER TYPE2 and 4 pole dynamic low-pass & high-pass transistor Ladder Filter
  • ENVELOPE TYPERMS detector, bi-polar with variable attack & release
  • ATTACK TIMEBetter than 250µS to 2.0 seconds depending on program material and level.
  • RELEASE TIMEBetter than 150mS to 2.0S depending on program material and level.
  • ENVELOPE CONTROLPositive and Negative Modulation
  • INPUT IMPEDANCENominally 24KΩ balanced differential, 12KΩ unbalanced single ended.


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