Shadow Hills Mono GAMA 500 Series Mic Pre


Fully Tested with a Money Back Guarantee!

The Shadow Hills Mono Gama is a staff pick for one of the best mic preamps made today.

With the transformer switching, you get three mic preamps in one and can easily toggle between sounds to find the one that is right for your source.

For example, when used on a snare drum, the Steel Transformer will give you a fat, puncy sound, the Nickel will give you more “Funky Drummer” and the Discrete is perfect for brushes or nuance ghost notes.

We have a second Mono Gama from the same production run if you would like a pair. With the stepped gain switch, it’s easy to stereo-match!

**Shadow Hills Industries Mono Gama 500 Series Mic Preamp: Exceptional Performance for Your 500 Series Rack**

The Shadow Hills Industries Mono Gama 500 Series mic preamp offers exceptional clarity and lightning-fast transient response, making it a standout in professional audio production.

Exceptional Clarity and Transient Response

At the core of the Mono Gama is the **Shadow Hills Discrete Operational Amplifier**, known for its remarkable transparency and absence of coloration. This op amp ensures pristine audio quality with lightning-fast transient response, delivering a pure and uncolored sound that suits various recording needs.

Shape Your Sound with the Transformer Switching Matrix

The Transformer Switching sets the Mono Gama apart, allowing you to choose between Nickel, Steel, or Discrete (transformerless) settings. Each option provides a distinct sonic character:

– Nickel Transformer: Offers a ruler-flat low end with a slight 1dB boost at 10kHz.

– Steel Transformer: Adds personality with a 1dB boost at 40Hz and a tight Q factor.

– Discrete Setting: Delivers unmatched clarity and extremely fast transients.


Built for Superior Sound Quality


The Mono Gama’s superior performance stems from its uncompromising build quality. Featuring an original Jensen input transformer and the innovative Transformer Switching Matrix, each component is meticulously selected to ensure stunning sound quality. The Mono Gama is equipped with essential features including phantom power, polarity switching, and an attenuation control offering an 18dB range for mic signals or 8dB for line inputs.


– High-quality sound in a 500 Series format.

– Discrete Amplifier: Provides exceptional clarity and fast transient response.

– Original Jensen Input Transformer: Ensures authentic audio reproduction.

– Output Transformer Switching: Choose Nickel, Steel, or Discrete settings.

– Stepped Rotary Attenuator: Allows easy repeatability of settings.

– DI Input: Equipped with pad and phase reverse.

– Engraved Vintage-Flavored Front Panel: Combines style with functionality.

– Designed for durability and superior performance.


The Shadow Hills Industries Mono Gama 500 Series mic preamp is a must-have for your 500 Series rack, offering unmatched audio clarity, versatility, and build quality. Add it to your arsenal and elevate your recording capabilities.

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