Solid State Logic X-Rack Buss Comp XR626

*Fully Tested*Money Back Guarantee*


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This SSL XR626 for the X-Rack has been fully tested and comes with a money-back guarantee

Elevate Your Mix with the X-Rack Stereo Compressor Module!


Designed for ultimate control over your stereo mix, the X-Rack Stereo Compressor module brings flexibility and precision to your sound engineering toolkit. Based on the renowned Bus Compressor found in the XL 9000 K Series console, this module promises professional-grade performance.


**Compressor Controls**: With intuitive controls including ATTACK, RATIO, RELEASE, THRESHOLD, and MAKE-UP, shaping your sound has never been easier. The compressor’s knee point dynamically adjusts based on the RATIO setting, ensuring consistent perceived loudness.


**Compression Meter**: Keep track of gain reduction with the illuminated compression meter, providing clear visual feedback for precise adjustments.


**Key Input**: Take control of your sidechain with the option to use the main stereo channel signal or an external signal via the ‘KEY’ input. Whether you’re looking to create dynamic ducking effects or tame harsh frequencies with a de-esser, the possibilities are endless.


**Link Bus**: Expand your setup with the LINK switch, enabling multiple modules to work together seamlessly. Create a multi-channel compressor setup with ease, driven by any of the Key Inputs for consistent, professional results.


Unlock the full potential of your stereo mix with the X-Rack Stereo Compressor module. Elevate your sound to new heights and experience unparalleled control like never before.