Stam Audio SAEQP-1A


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The SA-EQP1A Analog Tube Equalizer is a fusion of two legendary tube EQs, offering a versatile and high-fidelity equalization experience that pays homage to the classic designs of the Pultec EQP-1A and the MEQ-5. This ambitious project integrates the coveted mid-section of the MEQ-5 into the EQP-1A, providing a unique and comprehensive EQ tool for modern studios. Crafted with premium components and designed to deliver the authentic sound of its vintage counterparts, the SA-EQP1A brings classic tube EQ capabilities to contemporary audio professionals at a more accessible price point.

Key Features:

  1. Fusion of Classic EQs:
    • Dual Heritage: Combines the low and high-frequency equalization of the Pultec EQP-1A with the mid-frequency control of the MEQ-5, offering a broader tonal palette in a single unit.
    • Respectful Integration: Carefully respects the frequency response and sonic characteristics of the original units while adding modern conveniences.
  2. Premium Build Quality:
    • Three Transformer Configuration: Uses an input transformer, inter-stage transformer, and a Sowter output transformer to replicate the original’s superb low-end, silky high-end, and tonal shaping capabilities. The inter-stage transformer enhances stability and lowers the noise floor, contributing to the unit’s authentic sound.
    • High-Quality Components: Features Carnhill inductors, WIMA capacitors, and premium 12AX7 and 12AU7 tubes, ensuring high fidelity and reliability.
  3. Authentic Circuit Design:
    • Original Topology: Adheres to the classic circuit and schematic of the Pultec EQP-1A while integrating the MEQ-5’s mid-band section, which can be bypassed if desired.
    • Discrete Class A Circuit: Utilizes a fully discrete Class A design for superior audio quality and sonic integrity.
  4. Enhanced Functionality:
    • Output Gain Control: Includes an output gain dial to facilitate easy stereo matching when using two units.
    • Boost and Cut Techniques: Supports the timeless technique of simultaneous boosting and cutting to exploit the EQ’s unique curves, providing creative and flexible tonal shaping.
  5. User-Friendly Features:
    • Transformer-Balanced I/O: Provides XLR and TRS transformer-balanced inputs and outputs for easy integration into modern studio setups.
    • Switchable Power: Equipped with a switchable 115/230 volt IEC power inlet for global compatibility.
    • Rack Mountable: 2RU rack mountable design, making it easy to integrate into studio racks.


  • Recording and Mixing: Ideal for adding classic tube warmth and musical EQ curves to vocals, instruments, and full mixes. Perfect for shaping the tonal balance and enhancing the character of audio tracks.
  • Mastering: Suitable for mastering engineers seeking to apply subtle EQ adjustments with the distinctive character of vintage tube hardware.
  • Live Sound: Useful in live sound environments for tone shaping and providing the characteristic Pultec warmth to live audio.

Technical Specifications:

  • Circuit Type: Class A, all discrete
  • Transformers: Input and interstage transformers, Sowter output transformer
  • Inductors: Carnhill
  • Capacitors: WIMA
  • Tubes: Premium 12AX7 and 12AU7
  • Inputs/Outputs: XLR and TRS transformer balanced
  • Equalization:
    • Low Frequency Boost
    • Low Frequency Cut
    • Mid Frequency Cut (bypassable)
    • High Frequency Boost
    • High Frequency Cut
  • Power Supply: Switchable 115/230 volt IEC
  • Dimensions: 19 x 3.5 x 6 inches (2RU rack mountable)

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