Wunder Audio CM12 S – Champagne (2021)


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Introducing the Wunder Audio CM12 Suprema Multi-Pattern Tube Microphone

Experience the rich heritage of the AKG C12 vintage tube microphone with the Wunder Audio CM12 Suprema. This meticulously crafted replica captures the essence of the legendary C12, offering 9 versatile polar patterns for unparalleled recording versatility. With a CK12 capsule, Hiller T14/1 transformer, and a 6072a vacuum tube, the CM12 S stays true to the original specifications, delivering exceptional detail, clarity, and character.

Unmatched Sound Quality

Renowned as one of the finest microphones ever made, the AKG C12 is revered for its exceptional sound quality. The CM12 S lives up to this reputation, incorporating key components such as the capsule, transformer, tube, grille size, and screen mesh. Every detail has been meticulously replicated to ensure a faithful reproduction of the original C12’s mesmerizing sound.

Precision Grille Design

The grille size and screen mesh play a crucial role in capturing the perfect sound. The CM12 S features a handcrafted grille that mirrors the vintage mic, down to the smallest machine marks. Meticulously brazed, polished, and nickel-plated, this grille’s open mesh preserves the enchanting luminescence and transparency of the original C12.

Authentic CK12 Capsule

The Wunder Audio CM12 Suprema incorporates a genuine CK12 capsule, adhering to the vintage design principles. With a 6-micron Mylar diaphragm, this side-address, large-diaphragm capsule faithfully replicates AKG’s iconic CK12 design. Its dual membrane and dual backplate configuration, coupled with resonant backplates, ensures a flat midrange and a distinctive 10-12 kHz peak. The CK12 is widely recognized as one of the greatest condenser microphone capsules in history.

Historic Hiller T14/1 Transformer

To achieve true authenticity, the CM12 Suprema employs a period correct Hiller T14/1 transformer. Crafted with the same nickel alloy mixture as the historic Hiller T14, this transformer replicates the original Braunbuch specifications. Its role is vital in preserving the unique sonic characteristics and overall fidelity of the vintage C12.


Hand-Tested NOS GE 5-Star 6072A Tube

The CM12 S comes equipped with meticulously tested NOS GE 5-star 6072A tubes. These tubes, operating at 6.3 volts DC filament voltage and 120 volts DC plate voltage, are renowned for their exceptional quality. The GE 5 Star 6072A’s low noise and microphonics make them the preferred choice for high-end applications. Designed with spiral-wound heater filaments, these dual triode tubes eliminate hum and undergo rigorous screening for optimal noise performance.


Advanced Power Supply

Wunder Audio has developed a proprietary power supply unit (PSU) specifically for the new generation tube Microphone PSU. This upgraded PSU surpasses the vintage tube mic PSUs used in 1960’s Neumann designs. It provides a clean and stable DC voltage to the microphone while effectively shielding against Wi-Fi and RF interference. Incorporating dual-pole neutral-fusing design and offering universal voltage compatibility, this PSU ensures reliable and interference-free performance.


Exquisite Box and Carrying Case

Your CM12 S is housed in a luxurious quarter sawn oak box, lined with velvet and foam for maximum protection. This elegant box is further enclosed in a precision tweed carrying case, reminiscent of vintage Fender guitar cases. Crafted with top grain leather, fine stitching, and featuring a strong leather handle and combination lock, the tweed carrying case perfectly complements the vintage-style CM12 S microphone. Additionally, the case can be purchased separately.