AEA N8 Stereo Kit



Introducing the active NUVO N8, a cutting-edge ribbon microphone designed to capture the live, natural essence of instruments with remarkable subtlety and nuance. Ideal for recording instruments like drums, strings, and piano, the N8 effortlessly handles intricate transients, harsh highs, and bellowing lows.

Key Features

  • Natural Sound Reproduction: The NUVO N8 faithfully records instruments within a space, preserving the live, natural sound with all subtleties intact.
  • Expansive Frequency Response: Boasting the widest frequency range in the AEA lineup, the N8 excels in capturing complex sources like drums, strings, and piano.
  • Balanced Low End: Its balanced low end makes it highly effective for capturing the full breadth of sound from various positions, such as the back of a room, above a drum set, or overhead a string section.
  • Stereo Array Configuration: The N8 shines when configured in a stereo array, leveraging successful sonic concepts similar to the acclaimed AEA R88.
  • Far-Field Design: As a far-field ribbon mic, the N8 is optimized for positioning at 12 inches or farther from the sound source, providing flexibility in capturing instruments within different room contexts.
  • Versatile Positioning: From 20 feet away, the N8 maintains low-end frequencies, making it suitable for recording entire orchestras or the full low end of a drum kit from overhead.
  • Proximity Effect Control: The proximity effect enhances the low end when recording closer than 12 inches, offering flexibility in accentuating vocals or string instruments.
  • High SPL Handling: Capable of handling 141+dB SPL at 1 kHz, the N8 ensures no compromise in performance, even in close-range recording of loud sources.
  • Complementary Near-Field Option: For reduced proximity effect at close range, the near-field AEA N22 complements the N8’s far-field capabilities.