Experience the timeless sound of the classic R44 ribbon microphone with the economy exterior model, R44CE. Both the passive R44 and the cost-effective R44CE deliver an identical sound, maintaining the legendary qualities of the original RCA ribbon mic. The only differences between the two lie in aesthetics and price.

Key Features

  • Classic Sound Reproduction: Delivers the timeless and classic sound of the original RCA 44 ribbon microphone.
  • Identical Internal Design: Maintains an identical internal design to the premium R44 model, ensuring consistent high-quality audio reproduction.
  • Economy Exterior: Cost-effective model with an economy exterior, making it an accessible option without compromising on sound quality.
  • Aesthetic Simplicity: Features a simplified exterior design while preserving the iconic ribbon microphone aesthetics.
  • Vintage RCA Heritage: Built on the foundation of AEA’s commitment to servicing and preserving the heritage of the original RCA ribbon microphones.
  • Exact Replica of R44BX: An exact replica of the vintage RCA 44BX ribbon microphone, capturing the musical essence that made it a classic.
  • Crafted with Original Methods: Crafted using RCA’s original methods and techniques, ensuring authenticity in both design and sound.
  • Iconic Recording Legacy: Honors the legacy of the original R44, a microphone that played a crucial role in recording numerous iconic tracks throughout the 20th century.