Introducing the AEA R44CX, an exceptional microphone that marries vintage aesthetics with modern innovation. This model is an exact replica of the renowned vintage RCA 44BX ribbon microphone, celebrated as one of the most musical-sounding microphones ever created. The R44CX stands as a testament to AEA’s commitment to preserving the iconic sound that shaped many of the 20th century’s most legendary recordings.

Key Features

  • Exact Vintage Replica: An exact replica of the vintage RCA 44BX ribbon microphone, capturing the timeless and classic sound revered in iconic recordings.
  • Musical Sound Signature: Renowned for its musical sound signature, the R44CX pays homage to the microphone’s legacy and its contribution to shaping the audio landscape.
  • Museum-Quality Construction: Crafted with precision and attention to detail, the R44CX is a museum-quality replica, ensuring authenticity in both design and performance.
  • X-Motor Technology: Features the innovative X-motor, a mechanical enhancement designed by AEA to increase the microphone’s output without the need for active electronics.
  • Enhanced Output: Equipped with a modified R44 transducer incorporating two additional magnets, providing an additional 6dB of output for increased sensitivity and versatility.
  • Red Logo Badge: Visually distinguished from the R44C by a distinctive red logo badge on the transformer case, signaling the inclusion of the X-motor technology.
  • Preserving Recording Legacy: Honors the legacy of the original R44, known for its role in recording many of the most iconic tracks of the 20th century.