The AEA R84 series ribbon microphones offer a masterful fusion of classic tonality reminiscent of the legendary R44, along with modern enhancements like extended top-end and reduced proximity effect for mid-range and close-range recording. The R84A, an active version of the passive R84, provides compatibility with a broader range of preamplifiers.

Key Features

  • Classic Tonality: Delivers the revered classic tonality of the legendary R44 ribbon microphone, capturing the essence of vintage recording.
  • Extended Top-End: Modernized with extended top-end response, providing a balanced and versatile sonic profile for a wide range of applications.
  • Reduced Proximity Effect: Minimized proximity effect ensures clarity and consistency in mid-range and close-range recording, offering flexibility in capturing various sound sources.
  • R84A Active Version: The R84A introduces an active design, maintaining the sonic character of the R84 while offering an additional 12dB of output and stable impedance for compatibility with diverse preamps.
  • Expansive Frequency Range: Quickly endears itself with an expansive frequency range, featuring sweeping highs and rich lows that cater to the demands of modern recording.
  • Balanced Proximity Effect: The balanced and manageable proximity effect enhances the low-end of vocals, drums, and brass, making it adaptable for both close-range and ambient mic applications.
  • Smooth High-Frequency Roll-Off: The smooth high-frequency roll-off and reduced sibilance make the R84 series ideal for tracking vocals and instruments that may sound harsh with condenser mics.
  • Accentuated Mid-Range: The accentuated mid-range captures the unique qualities of instruments with detailed elegance, making it a preferred choice for various recording scenarios.
  • Remarkable Low-End Response: Exceptional low-end response adds weight to drum kits and enhances thin vocals, providing versatility in capturing a wide array of musical genres.