The AEA R84A stands as a testament to timeless sound with a contemporary twist. While the R84 and R84A share almost identical sound characteristics, the R84A distinguishes itself by incorporating a custom-made Lehle transformer and active electronics. Both versions deliver the classic ribbon sound, offering engineers a choice based on their specific needs and environment.

Key Features

  • Classic Ribbon Sound: Retains the classic ribbon sound that the R84 series is renowned for, capturing the essence of vintage recording.
  • Custom-Made Lehle Transformer: Equipped with a custom-made Lehle transformer that enhances the microphone’s performance and sonic capabilities.
  • Active Electronics: Features active electronics, providing the R84A with increased output and enhanced preamp flexibility.
  • Similar Sound Characteristics: Shares almost identical sound characteristics with the R84, ensuring the classic ribbon sound is preserved in both versions.
  • Versatile Applications: Well-suited for a wide range of applications, from vocals to instruments, offering flexibility in various recording scenarios.
  • Engineer’s Choice: The choice between the R84 and R84A depends on the specific preferences and requirements of the engineer and their recording environment.
  • Higher Output: The R84A boasts higher output, making it an ideal choice for those without a ribbon preamp, providing compatibility with a broader range of preamps.
  • Preamp Flexibility: Active electronics offer increased preamp flexibility, allowing users to adapt the microphone to different preamp setups.