AEA R88 MkII Stereo Ribbon Microphone



The AEA R88A stands as a pinnacle in stereo ribbon microphone technology, offering an active version optimized for all preamps. Capturing the live and nuanced sound of a space, the R88A, an evolution of the R88, boasts an expansive frequency response and balanced low end, making it exceptionally effective for recording a wide range of sound sources.

Key Features

  • Active Stereo Ribbon Microphone: The R88A is an active stereo ribbon microphone, designed for optimal performance with all preamps.
  • Live and Nuanced Sound Capture: Captures the live and nuanced sound of a space with remarkable subtlety and clarity, providing an authentic recording experience.
  • Expansive Frequency Response: The microphone’s expansive frequency response and balanced low end make it highly effective for capturing the full spectrum of sound, ideal for various recording scenarios.
  • R88A vs. R88: The R88A retains the same sonic character as the R88 but offers an additional 12dB of output and stable impedance for greater flexibility with different preamps.
  • Built-in JFET Electronics: Equipped with JFET electronics and a custom transformer, similar to the one used in the active R44, providing a premium built-in preamp.
  • Consistent Frequency Response: The active circuitry ensures a consistent frequency response, enhancing flexibility with various preamps, including those in audio interfaces for personal computers.
  • Ideal for Quiet Sources: The extra 12dB of output is vital for recording quiet sources like vocals or soft acoustic guitars, ensuring optimal signal levels.
  • Noise Interference Prevention: Active circuitry prevents noise interference on long cable runs or when operating near large lighting rigs, ensuring clean and interference-free recordings.
  • Phantom Power Operation: The active circuitry requires standard 48-volt phantom power to operate, ensuring compatibility with common recording setups.
  • Visual Distinction: The premium R88A is visually distinguished by a red cable at its base, signifying its active status.
  • Versatile Recording Solution: Ideal for on-the-road musicians, the R88A provides flexibility with different preamps each night while maintaining the classic ribbon sound.
  • Choice Between R88 and R88A: The choice between the R88 and R88A depends on the specific preferences and requirements of an engineer and their recording environment.