The AEA R92 ribbon microphone, renowned for its thick low-end and robust midrange, emerges as an exceptional tool for shaping classic soundscapes. Delivering a rich low-end, warm detailed mid-range, and a smooth top-end, the R92 stands out as a versatile creative tool with dual-toned capabilities and reduced proximity effect.

Key Features

  • Rich Sonic Palette: The R92 offers a rich sonic palette, characterized by a thick low-end and hefty midrange, providing an exceptional foundation for classic sound construction.
  • Dual-Toned Design: Different tonalities on the front and back sides of the R92 offer users a sonic choice, essentially providing two microphones in one.
  • Similar Character to R84: The R92 shares a similar character with the classic R84 but boasts a more pronounced midrange and minimized proximity effect, making it ideal for specific applications.
  • Near-Field Ribbon Mic: Designed as a near-field ribbon microphone, the R92 excels when placed close to brass, guitar amps, kick drums, and percussion, offering versatility in various recording scenarios.
  • Reduced Proximity Effect: The R92 features reduced proximity effect, allowing for balanced frequency response across the spectrum, particularly when positioned between 1 and 18 inches from the sound source.
  • Dual Sonic Character: One side of the R92 yields a bright and crisp sonic signature, while the other side is darker and smoother, providing users with distinct tonal options.
  • Balancing Mixes: The R92 serves as a valuable tool in balancing mixes when supplemented with a brighter mic signal, offering low-end clarity and warm midrange to complement other sources.