The AEA RPQ500 Ribbon Preamp and EQ stand as a high-quality solution, providing one channel of high-output, high-impedance, and low-noise gain specifically tailored for ribbon microphones. Unleash the full potential of your microphones with the RPQ500, designed to complement the natural tonality of ribbon mics and deliver a rich and musical sound.

Key Features

  • Tailored for Ribbon Microphones: The RPQ500 is specifically designed for ribbon microphones, excelling at bringing out the warmth and lush sound that defines the unique characteristics of ribbons.
  • High-Quality, High-Gain, Low-Noise Preamplification: The RPQ500 provides high-quality, high-gain, and low-noise preamplification, ensuring a pristine and musical sound that complements your microphone’s natural tonality.
  • Powerful High-Output, High-Impedance Design: With one channel of high-output and high-impedance, the RPQ500 serves as a powerhouse, delivering unparalleled high gain with low-noise for recording soft sources without concerns about signal quality.
  • 81dB of JFET Output: The RPQ500 features 81dB of JFET output, offering ample juice to capture soft sources with clarity and detail.
  • Versatile Tool Eliminating Concerns of Soft Signals: Never consider a source too quiet for recording with a ribbon mic again, as the RPQ500 addresses concerns of soft signals, especially with passive ribbons that may have low output levels.
  • CurveShaper EQ: The RPQ500 incorporates the CurveShaper EQ, providing a powerful tool to control ribbons at the start of the signal path. Adjustable low and high-frequency controls allow for the management of proximity issues and the extension of high frequencies with slope control.
  • High-Frequency Filter Boost: The high-frequency filter boost enables the addition of presence and air to your source, ideal for ribbons and 2-busses that benefit from extra top-end.
  • Low-Frequency Control: The low-frequency control efficiently removes bass build-up in a fast and unobtrusive manner, offering control over the low-end response.