AEA TDI Phantom-powered Direct Box



The AEA TDI (Total Direct Input) is a testament to innovation in direct input technology, featuring a proprietary circuit design by Fred Forssell and a super-clean Lehle step-down transformer. This ultra-transparent DI solution is designed to capture outstanding sonic performances with minimal distortion, noise interference, and signal loss, even over long cable runs.

Key Features

  • Proprietary Circuit Design by Fred Forssell: The TDI boasts a proprietary circuit design crafted by renowned engineer Fred Forssell. This design ensures optimal transparency and sonic fidelity in capturing instrument signals.
  • Lehle Step-Down Transformer: Equipped with a super-clean Lehle step-down transformer, the TDI minimizes distortion, noise interference, and signal loss, delivering exceptional audio quality for your instrument recordings.
  • Ultra-Transparent Sound: The TDI’s design focuses on maintaining transparency, allowing it to faithfully reproduce the sonic characteristics of your instruments without introducing coloration or artifacts.
  • Phantom-Powered Operation: The TDI operates on phantom power, providing a convenient and efficient power source for your direct input needs.
  • Passive THRU-put Connection: The TDI features a passive THRU-put connection, allowing the user to send incoming instrument signals to other instrument-level sources such as amplifiers, pedals, etc. This throughput feature, paralleled to the INPUT, is also useful for simultaneous wet/dry signal tracking.
  • Versatility with Passive and Active Instruments: The TDI is well-suited for passive instruments like guitars, basses, and those with piezo pickups. Additionally, with a 20 dB pad, it can handle signals from active instruments, synths, or speakers, offering versatile compatibility.
  • Simultaneous Wet/Dry Signal Tracking: The passive THRU-put connection facilitates simultaneous wet/dry signal tracking, allowing for creative and flexible recording setups.
  • Straightforward Design Philosophy: Inspired by a straightforward design philosophy, the AEA TDI prioritizes simplicity and functionality, making it an easy-to-use and effective tool for capturing instrument signals.
  • Ideal for Long Cable Runs: With its ultra-transparent design, the TDI is an ideal solution for scenarios that involve long cable runs, ensuring that your instrument’s signal remains clean and unaltered.