The AEA TRP3 Ribbon Preamp represents a new standard in mic preamplification, harnessing the power of the latest 3rd generation circuit design. Crafted with versatility in mind, this half-rack preamp provides two channels of high-output, high-impedance, and low-noise gain, ensuring that the full potential of your microphones is brought to life with a rich and natural sound.

Key Features

  • 3rd Generation Circuit Design: The TRP3 utilizes AEA’s newest 3rd generation circuit design, representing the cleanest and most musical design from AEA to date.
  • High-Output, High-Impedance, Low-Noise Gain: This half-rack powerhouse delivers unparalleled high gain (85dB) with low noise, catering to the requirements of passive ribbons and other low-level sources. It ensures that even the softest sources can be captured without compromising on signal quality.
  • Specifically Designed for Ribbon Microphones: Tailored for ribbon microphones, the TRP3 excels at drawing out the warmth and lush sound that ribbons are known for. It faithfully reproduces the nuances of microphones, voices, and other sound sources.
  • Dual-Option High-Pass Filter: The TRP3 features a dual-option high-pass filter for repeatable proximity effect taming. This adds versatility to your recording setup by allowing you to tailor the proximity effect to your preference.
  • Faithful Reproduction of Microphone Details: The TRP3 faithfully reproduces even the smallest details of microphones and sound sources, making it an ideal choice for stereo pair recording, easily recallable settings, and capturing true-to-source sound.
  • External Switching Power Supply: The TRP3 includes an external switching power supply with a grounded AC plug, effectively keeping hum fields away from the high-gain electronics. This feature enhances the overall signal integrity.
  • Portable and Lightweight Design: Housed in a portable and lightweight half-rack aluminum chassis, the TRP3 is designed for convenience. Its compact form allows for easy transport to remote gigs, other studios, or on the road.
  • Global Compatibility: The external switching power supply enables the TRP3 to be used in any country without modifications, ensuring global compatibility for users around the world.
  • Optional Racking Gear: AEA manufactures optional racking gear for the TRP3, providing convenient rackmount solutions. Single TRP3 units can be easily racked with TRP3 Rack Ears, and two TRP3s can be mounted side by side with a TRP3 Rack Shelf.