The AEA TRP500 Ribbon Preamp marks the inception of the 3rd generation of microphone preamps from AEA. Designed with a commitment to neutrality yet imbued with a rich and musical tonality, the TRP500 stands out among “clean” preamps. Tailored for ribbon microphones, it offers up to 85dB of effortless gain for any microphone, delivering a low-noise, musical sonic experience.

Key Features

  • 3rd-Generation Microphone Preamp: The TRP500 represents the first product in AEA’s 3rd generation of microphone preamps, combining the heritage of the original TRP preamp circuit and topology with modern innovations.
  • Neutral Yet Musical Tonality: Designed to lean on the side of neutrality, the TRP500 distinguishes itself with a rich and musical tonality, setting it apart from conventional “clean” preamps.
  • Optimized for Ribbon Mics: Specifically optimized for ribbon microphones, the TRP500 excels at drawing out the warmth and lush sound that ribbon mics are celebrated for. It also caters to other top-level microphones, providing a versatile solution.
  • Up to 85dB of Effortless Gain: With up to 85dB of quiet DC-coupled gain, the TRP500 ensures optimal performance for various microphones, offering the necessary gain without compromising on signal quality.
  • Ultra-High Gain and Impedance (100,000 Ohms): The TRP500 boasts ultra-high gain and impedance of 100,000 Ohms, enhancing the sensitivity, bandwidth, transient response, and clarity for a wide variety of microphones.
  • Dual Input Impedances (11,900 Ohms and 100,000 Ohms): The dual input impedance options (11,900 Ohms with phantom power “ON” and 100,000 Ohms with phantom power “OFF”) provide flexibility. The 100,000 Ohm mode is ideal for passive ribbons and tube mics, offering a unique balanced input for vintage, high-impedance dynamic mics.
  • DC-Coupled JFET Circuit: The ultra-high gain DC-coupled JFET circuit ensures minimal path architecture, preserving the essence of the microphone’s output.
  • 115 Hz or 230 Hz High Pass Filter: The TRP500 features a gentle high pass filter with selectable frequencies (115 Hz or 230 Hz), allowing users to tailor the low-end response according to the source.
  • Handcrafted in Pasadena, California: Like all AEA products, the TRP500 is handcrafted in Pasadena, California, using locally sourced parts. AEA, being a family-owned company, relies on a small crew of skilled technicians, many of whom are musicians themselves.
  • Versatile Range of AEA Ribbon Preamps: AEA offers a range of ribbon preamps, including the RPQ2, RPQ500, TRP2, and TRP500, sharing the same topology and sound. The differences lie in extra features and form factors, ensuring that users can choose a preamp that suits their specific needs.