ATC SCM25A Pro Mk2

The SCM25A Pro Mk2 is a compact 3-way high-performance active studio monitor loudspeaker featuring a 6.5”/164mm bass driver. This monitor excels in delivering exceptional mid-range clarity, high output, extended bass response, all within a compact design, making it the perfect choice for nearfield monitoring in various critical applications.

The latest Mk2 version introduces ATC’s advanced SH25-76S ‘Dual Suspension’ tweeter, which enhances high-frequency response and reduces distortion. These enhancements facilitate quicker decision-making and ensure exceptional sound translation beyond the studio.

Key Features

  • 3-way Design: Featuring ATC SM75-150 Soft Dome mid-range driver.
  • Wide Dispersion vs Frequency: Ensures excellent stereo imaging over a large listening area.
  • ATC Discrete MOSFET Class A/B Amp-Pack: Delivers high dynamic range in combination with very low distortion and an extended HF bandwidth.
  • 4th Order Active Crossovers: With all-pass phase compensation ensuring outstanding driver integration.
  • Input Sensitivity and Bass ‘Lift’ User Controls
  • Hand-built in England: Covered by a 6-year warranty.

Acoustic Specifications:

  • Drive Units:
    • Bass: 1 x SB50-164SC 8Ω
    • Mid: 1 x SM75-150 16Ω
    • HF: 1 x SH25-76S 6Ω Compact
  • Low Frequency Cut-off: 47Hz (-6dB, anechoic)
  • High Frequency Cut-off: 25kHz (-6dB)
  • Max SPL: 109dB continuous / 115dB peak (Per pair, IEC Weighted Pink Noise, 1m, anechoic)
  • Sensitivity: +4dBu ref 92dBC (Bass Boost 0dB, Input Sensitivity 1V, Pink noise)

Electronic Specifications

  • Balanced Input: 1 x Rear Panel Mounted Female XLR, pin 2 hot
  • Input Impedance: 20kΩ (differential)
  • Input CMRR: >82dB (10kHz)
  • Input Sensitivity: 2.2dBu / 1Vrms for full power
  • Input Sensitivity Control: Continuously Variable from 2.2dBu – 8.2dBu / 1Vrms – 2Vrms (-6dB)
  • Bass Boost Control: Continuously variable from 0dB to +3dB
  • Crossover Filters: 4th Order Linkwitz-Riley at 380Hz and 3.5kHz
  • Frequency Response: <2Hz to >200kHz (-3dB)
  • Amplifier type: Grounded Source MOSFET based Class A/B, convection cooled
  • Output Power: Bass 150W (8Ω), Mid 60W (8Ω), HF 32W (6Ω)
  • THD+N: <0.003%/-92dB (1kHz, 1dB below rated power, 90kHz BW)
  • Limiter: ATC Active FET Momentary Gain Reduction, limiter ‘active’ indicated via front panel LED
  • Mains Input: 220-230V or 115V – Factory set. Please observe panel markings and labels!
  • Power Consumption: Idle 24W/35VA. 1/8th Power 117W/159VA. Full Power 255W/324VA.
  • Heat Output: Idle 82BTU/hr. 1/8th power 335 BTU/hr. Full Power 358BTU/hr.

Physical Specifications

  • Net Weight: 25.1kg/55.2lbs
  • Product Dimensions: 271 x 430 x 411mm / 10 11/16th” x 16 15/16th” x 16 3/16th” (H x W x D)