Dangerous Music MASTER


Dangerous Music MASTER

The Center of the Analog Processing Chain. The Deep Legacy of Dangerous Mastering Equipment.

Trust: Between blood brothers and sisters, we demand unequivocal trust. With our music, we require trust that the audio systems work effortlessly – the way we want them to. Trust that we can seamlessly switch between our roles as artists or producers. Trust that our music will resonate with the emotive power from which it was forged. Trust that the listener will receive it in the purest form and be moved. Upon that trust: Dangerous delivers.

Transparency: Hear Everything™. From forceful mash-ups to subtly stacked vocal whispers, you are in complete control. Craft your sound effortlessly with no monomaniacal color boxes hijacking your musical identity. Dial in precisely what you want, when you want it. No artifacts, no aftertaste, no hangovers.

Translation: Today’s audio landscape is fraught with formats. Radio, Vinyl, Streaming, Downloads, Club Mixes. Played back on disparate systems: laptops, phones, earbuds, PAs, cars – and they all sound different. How will your megahit land? Will the ballad resonate? Does the anthem deliver body blows? Get your mix to translate emotively everywhere.

Master Complete Features:

  • Ultra-low jitter clocking technology virtually eliminates it throughout the audio band and beyond
  • Meticulously fine-tuned low-pass reconstruction filters for coherent definition
  • Adjustable sample rates, selectable calibration, premium custom crafted digital metering
  • Beyond transparency – you won’t just hear everything, you’ll hear it beautifully

Master Complete Treatment Features:

  • True technological tools for timbre twisting, tone shaping, and taming
  • The BAX for profound sweeping treble and bass EQ shelves paired with potent cut filters
  • Phase coherent controls that only sweeten, leaving the original’s patina untouched
  • The COMPRESSOR for subtle to surprising gain reduction results
  • Impact, punch, and clarity that pleases without sonic artifacts
  • Smart Dyn dual-slope detector, customizable sophisticated side-chain with sibilance reduction
  • Switch between all your outboard instantly, flip order, put it in parallel, and save it

Individual L-R Input Level Controls: Use these controls to perfectly set the stereo image, delicately compensating for any embedded imbalances in the mix. These controls use stepped attenuators that offer 0.5 dB steps with .01dB of gain-tracking accuracy between channels for perfect stereo imaging at all volumes.

Input Monitor Offset: This critical feature allows you to match levels between your processed signal (output) and unprocessed signal (input) so that you can make comparative judgments without misleading volume changes. Once input and output levels are matched, simply use the In/Out switch to objectively compare your mastering work to the original.

Three Front-Panel Switchable Inserts: These stereo inserts tie all of your EQs, compressors, limiters, and de-essers together into an elegant, rock-solid mastering rig. The MASTER’s front-panel switches give you functionality previously only available on very expensive, custom-built mastering consoles. And on Insert 2, you get Chris Muth’s groundbreaking Mid/Side processing.

On-Board Mid/Side Processing: Residing on Insert 2, the Mid/Side processor inside the MASTER is an audiophile-grade sum-and-difference matrix. By “encoding” and then “decoding” the stereo signal, this matrix allows you to obtain separate control over the center and the sides of the stereo mix. A tool employed by deeply experienced mastering engineers to address specific issues in a mix without compromising other aspects of the stereo image, Mid/Side processing is the most powerful mastering tool available.

Width Control: This allows you to use the MASTER’s Mid/Side matrix to control the level of the “sides” of the mix, which changes the perceived stereo width. Whether you’re tightening or widening the stereo field, the width control is often exactly the right tool for pulling all the songs together into a coherent record.

Two Inputs & Three Outputs: A dedicated monitor output accompanies two stereo output paths that can be routed to A/D converters, tape machines, patch bays, or wherever the signal needs to go to get the job done. Many MASTER owners use the dual outputs to make direct A/B comparisons between different A/D units, listening for the vibe that best suits that particular record.

  • All connections are Balanced XLR, +4dBu nominal operating level
  • 2 stereo inputs, 3 stereo outputs (one for monitoring)
  • 3 insert loops
  • 2nd insert capable of MS matrix operation
  • Input and Output controls: + – 5dB in 0.5dB steps
  • Input Monitor Offset: -2 to +8dB in 0.5dB steps
  • Width control: -4 to +6dB in 0.5dB steps
  • Attenuator accuracy: > 0.01dB
  • THD+Noise in audio band: < 0.0018%
  • IMD 60Hz + 4kHz 4:1: < 0.0025%
  • Crosstalk rejection: Better than 111dB @ 1kHz
  • Headroom: > +27dBu, +23dBu in the matrix under worst-case conditions
  • Frequency response: Better than 0.2dB down @ 1Hz and 100kHz
  • Noise floor: < -92dBu total energy in the audio band