Dangerous Music PRODUCER’S PACK


Dangerous Music PRODUCER’S PACK

A comprehensive system designed for producers, built on trust, transparency, and translation of your music across various formats and systems.

Key Features:

  • CONVERT-AD+: Track and print mixes with world-class A/D conversion.
  • Emphasis and X-Former circuits: Craft tonal textures with precision.
  • ClipGuard™: Character clipping without digital overs registering.
  • Custom metering: Visualize critical dynamics with peak over average.
  • CONVERT-8: 8 channels of mastering-grade D/A conversion.
  • Bombproof master clocking: Stable external sources.
  • Meticulously fine-tuned filters: Enhance low-pass reconstruction.
  • D-BOX+: Pristine monitor path with instant source switching.
  • Reference Grade D/A: Optimize tracks for various playback systems.
  • 5 Sources: Bluetooth, USB, AES/SPDIF, Analog, Sum for comprehensive connectivity.
  • 3 Volume Settings: Repeatable monitoring, dimming, and reference levels.
  • Bluetooth Remote: Control settings conveniently from the sweet spot.

Warranty: Free 2-year extended warranty with online registration.