Equitech 1.5R


Equitech 1.5R

Elevate your audio experience with the Equitech Son of Q 1.5R, a 1500 Watt capacity power conditioner designed to provide pristine, balanced power. Plugging into any standard 15-amp 120-volt outlet, the Son of Q isolates your audio equipment from line noise and other power-related issues that can affect sound quality and noise floor.

Key Features

  • World-Class Balanced Power: Offers cleaner, pure 60Hz sine wave power, eliminating noise, hums, ground loops, and other distortions.
  • Simple and Elegant Design: Features a straightforward front panel with LED indicators for power status and surge protection, ensuring easy operation and monitoring.
  • Versatile Outlet Configuration: Includes 12 outlets on the back panel with dedicated circuits for analog and digital gear, enhancing component performance and protection.
  • Constant Power Outlet: One GFCI outlet remains powered continuously, ideal for components that need constant power for clocks or memory functions.
  • Comprehensive Protection: Equipped with a circuit breaker to protect against overload and potential short circuit hazards, ensuring safety and reliability.
  • Load Capacity: 1.5 KVA
  • Input Line Frequency: 15A 120V 60Hz
  • Line Cord Plug Chassis Inlet: NEMA 5-15 C14
  • Output Voltage: 120/60V
  • Circuit Breakers: 1-15A
  • # Outlets Type: 6 15A duplex receptacles (12 outlets)
  • Chassis Dimensions: 16″x16″x3.5″
  • Included: Rack ears for mounting