Equitech 3RQ


Equitech 3RQ

Transform your studio’s power setup with the Equitech 3RQ, a superior rack-mounted balanced power system. This unit features a large, acoustically quiet balanced power transformer designed to step down from 240v to 120V and split it into two symmetrical legs, eliminating common power-related distortions and significantly improving audio quality.

Key Features

  • Superior Power Conditioning: Utilizes a specially-designed balanced power transformer to split 120V into two 60V legs, effectively cancelling out noise, hums, and ground loops.
  • Enhanced Audio Performance: Experience cleaner, purer 60Hz sine wave power that enhances both dynamics and stereo imaging for unparalleled audio clarity.
  • Common Mode Rejection: Eliminates differences between legs, providing a stable and balanced power supply that enhances component performance.
  • Acoustically Quiet Operation: Designed for use in critical listening environments without adding noise to the audio path.
  • Effective Noise Prevention: Focuses on preventing electrical noise before it occurs, offering a superior alternative to traditional power conditioners that merely filter out noise.
  • Capacity: 3kVA
  • Input Voltage: 240V/208V
  • Output Voltage: 120V, 60Hz
  • Dimensions: 16″x18″x5.25″
  • Weight: 85 lbs (43 kg)
  • Additional: Includes rack ears for easy mounting