Eventide DeBoom Plug-in


Eventide DeBoom

More Thud, Less Mud

Based on Eventide’s patented Structural Split technology, DeBoom is a one-knob wonder. The secret to this new, powerful approach to corrective low-frequency EQ is its unique signal separation process. DeBoom represents a new path forward in resolving common low-frequency problems. Eventide’s Structural Split technology makes it possible to surgically sculpt low-frequency content in ways never before possible.

Tame low-frequency muddiness without losing the thump, remove resonance but keep the punch, and enhance your low-end utilizing this new dimension of sonic sculpting.



DeBoom quickly and easily removes low-frequency muddiness without sacrificing impact. It’s a powerful, yet simple, tool for repairing audio that would otherwise require extensive, clumsy traditional tools.


DeBoom surgically “shapes” low frequencies without causing collateral damage.


DeBoom can be used to tighten up the low frequencies to better refine their balance.

The NEW Approach to Resolving Common Low-Frequency Problems

DeBoom is a purpose-driven tool for surgically addressing common low-frequency equalization problems. Kick drums, bass, and similar sound sources can contribute to low-frequency “muddiness.” Traditional EQs ‘solve’ the problem but cause collateral damage – the drum’s thump goes out with the boom. The bass attack gets tossed with its resonance. DeBoom solves this problem by using Eventide’s patented Structural Split technology to EQ the tonal portion of the sound separately from the transient. Power users have been doing exactly this using the full-featured SplitEQ plugin. We’ve put the power of SplitEQ in DeBoom and reduced it to a single, powerful, one-knob gesture.

Structural Split

The beating heart of DeBoom. Whatever instrument you process, DeBoom analyzes the incoming audio and separates these components into their respective Transient (noise, pops, mic plosives, vocal sibilance, attacks) and Tonal (sustained notes, harmonics, tone, ambiance) elements.

DeBoom uses this information to apply specially crafted EQ curves to the tonal layer of the incoming audio, removing boom and reshaping sounds instantly.

Just One Knob

A straightforward user interface focused specifically on what matters: De-booming without de-thuding. Turn the dial, lose the mud and keep the thud. DeBoom’s user interface also includes undo/redo, input gain, and built-in bypass.