Ex Machina Ganymede (Single)

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Ex Machina Ganymede

Ganymede is Ex Machina’s first dedicated near-field model. Built from the same core technology and approach as Pulsar and Quasar, it features a brand new, more compact 5.5” coaxial and 7” subwoofer design, but uses all the same advanced geometries, materials, electronics, and digital signal processing as its larger siblings. It provides the same level of accuracy, detail, imaging, and timing coherence as well, but in a smaller footprint, and with a bit less extension and maximum output potential.

Custom SEAS Titan Series Subwoofer

  • Low distortion, long stroke design and rigid aluminum diaphragms provide exceptional bass extension and output for a driver this small.

Coaxial Midrange/Tweeter

  • Bleeding edge Composite Sound Metamodal TeXtreme diaphragms: ultralight, ultra-stiff carbon fabrics with optimized fiber geometries to actively control and suppress resonances.
  • Mathematically optimal midrange waveguide shape, underhung surround, and optimized point source acoustic center alignment provides superb off-axis response.
  • FEA optimized, very low distortion ferrite motor design, with a brand new copper shorting sleeve for ultra low inductance.


  • Flagship AKM Velvet Sound AK4493/AK5572 based conversion leaves no sonic footprint.
  • Hypex Ncore amplifiers provide gobs of squeaky clean, efficient power.
  • 5th gen SHARC+ DSP hardware can crunch many, many numbers at once.

Sealed Valchromat Cabinets

  • Stiff, dense and well damped, with none of the chuffing or group delay of ported designs.


  • Proprietary, in-house calibration code completely flattens frequency, phase, and impulse response.
  • Linear Frequency Response: +/- 1db 45hz – 30khz (measured at 30cm cal position)
  • Low Frequency Cutoff: -6db at 38hz
  • Linear Phase Response: +/- 15° 30hz – 30khz
  • Maximum Continuous SPL @ 1m: 106db, 100db @50hz
  • THD+N (94db @ cal position): < .5% Power Average 100hz – 30khz
  • Coverage Angle: 90° conical

Driver Complement

  • 146mm (5.5”) midrange, 25mm (1”) tweeter, Custom SEAS/Ex Machina/Composite Sound Metamodal TX™ mid/high coaxial
  • 176mm (7”) Custom Aluminum SEAS Titan Series Architecture Subwoofer


  • 200hz Sub/Mid, digital 8th order, phase corrected
  • 2khz Mid/Tweet, digital 8th order, phase corrected

Amplifier Complement

  • Subwoofer: Hypex NC252MP – 125W RMS, voltage limited
  • Midrange: Hypex NC252MP – 75W RMS, voltage limited
  • Tweeter: Hypex NC100HF – 50W RMS, voltage limited


  • A/D Chipsets: AKM AK5572EN
  • D/A Chipsets: AKM AK4493EQ
  • DSP: 5th Gen SHARC+ AD21565

Input Sensitivity

  • 2vrms to full scale

Mass & Dimensions

  • 407mm H x 243mm W x 300mm D (16″ x 9.6″ x 11.8″)
  • 13.8kg (30.5lbs)
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