Grace Design m905-AN

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Grace Design m905 Analog Option

The m905 Analog is now available without the built-in DAC. This system is offered for users who already have an investment in DACs, whether stand-alone or built into their interface. System configuration is exactly the same, with all the same great monitoring features, except no digital inputs and a second pair of balanced analog inputs. The m905 Analog brings this world-class performance within reach of almost any engineer or recording studio. Also, users can always upgrade their m905 Analog to the Digital version at any time. NOTE: the analog-only version includes a simplified remote cable that does not carry a headphone signal to the RCU. To enable the headphone output on the RCU, ask your dealer to upgrade to the premium remote cable.

The m905 phono module is a high-performance RIAA preamplifier. This option is available on new and existing units; the latter requires the unit to be returned to the Grace Design factory to be upgraded. If you are an overseas customer, please contact your Grace Design distributor for details.

It can be optimized for a wide range of phono cartridges via a number of internal jumper settings. To access these jumpers, remove the top cover of the m905 and refer to the Jumper Location diagrams in chapter 18 of the Owner’s Manual.

Also now available is the m905 IR Remote Option, which is available on new or existing units (Digital and Analog). This feature allows wireless infrared remote control of a select set of monitoring controls via a legacy Grace Design Remote (discontinued), a standard Apple Remote, or with iOS and Android via the Logitech® Harmony Remote.

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