Kii BXT – Fine Touch Dark Grey


Kii Audio Kii BXT

The Kii BXT system is an exceptional upgrade designed to enhance any setup’s acoustical accuracy and clarity. This system adds eight extra drivers and a powerful 2,000 watts of amplification per speaker (16 drivers and 7,000 watts total per pair) in a sleek floor-standing module. It extends the range and sound pressure level of your audio system and preserves its unique room-friendly cardioid system for precise, proper directionality. This design ensures even tiny spaces can enjoy crystal-clear audio, embodying the principle that high-quality sound isn’t limited to large areas. The Kii BXT stands out for its adaptability, offering effortless upgrade options and portability. This system is a smart investment regardless of room size.

This expansion enhances the frequency range and sound pressure level (SPL) while maintaining the cardioid system that Kii speakers are renowned for. The result is a floor-standing loudspeaker that provides a richer, more immersive audio experience without negatively interacting with the room’s acoustics. The Kii BXT’s unique and world-class cardioid line source concept is particularly beneficial in rooms of all sizes.

In terms of design, the BXT’s footplates, crafted from space-grade aluminum and finished in black, perfectly complement the sleek aesthetic of modern audio systems. Transforming your audio setup into a full-range, floor-standing system, the BXT module is a shining example of Kii’s dedication to innovation and quality. It enhances the sound and visual appeal, providing a future-proof audio experience leading to the ever-evolving world of audio technology.