KSD DDC- Digital-Digital- Converter


KSD DDC – Digital-Digital-Converter

KSD DDC – Digital-Digital-Converter is a high-performance device designed for efficient signal processing and the splitting of digital signals. It supports three input formats—XLR AES, SPDIF-Coax, and optical TOSLINK-SPDIF—allowing it to connect with all common digital sources. With two AES format outputs via XLR sockets, the DDC ensures long cable drives without loss of sound quality or interference.

Key Features

  • Versatile Digital Inputs: Accepts multiple digital formats including XLR AES, SPDIF-Coax, and optical TOSLINK-SPDIF, providing flexible connectivity options.
  • Advanced Output Synchronization: Features a high-precision master clock that synchronizes the output circuit to the input signal’s sample frequency, ensuring stability and low-jitter performance.
  • Intelligent Signal Routing: Automatically scans and routes the first valid signal through the signal processing chain. If the signal is lost, it restarts the scanning process to maintain continuous output integrity.
  • Independent Parallel Outputs: The outputs are electrically parallel, allowing them to provide signals independently, enhancing the device’s utility as a solution for complex signal conversion challenges.
  • Problem Solver for Digital Issues: Acts as an effective solution for issues related to long digital cables with incorrect impedance and other signal conversion problems.