KSD KSD-RC Remote Control white


KSD KSD-RC Remote Control

KSD KSD-RC Remote Control – White is an essential hardware remote controller designed for comprehensive control over the internal parameters of all KSD speakers. This remote allows for precise adjustments from the listening position, catering to the acoustic ambiance and personal listening preferences. It is versatile enough to serve both as a setup adjustment tool and as a monitor controller.

Key Features

  • Setup Adjustment Capabilities: Enables easy adjustment of various parameters such as filters, delay, and gain, directly from the listening position to match the room’s acoustics and your preferences.
  • Precise Volume Control: Features a volume rotary control for dB-precise adjustments. The inclusion of MUTE and DIM buttons provides practical tools for everyday studio use.
  • Direct Connection Convenience: Allows speakers to be connected directly to the digital master output of the workstation or other full-scale sources, facilitating seamless integration and operation.
  • M/S Monitoring Function: Supports separate monitoring of mid or side signals (M/S) when used with the A-Line, CX System, and LINEMASTER models, enhancing the flexibility and functionality in multi-channel setups.
  • Volume Control: 0…-75dB (monitoring volume)
  • Gain: -31dB … 0dB (offset level)
  • EQ Settings:
    • Frequency Selection: EQ1..6-Freq selects the cutoff frequency of the filter
    • Gain Adjustment: EQ1..6-Gain – 12dB … + 12dB
    • Q Factor: EQ1..6-Q 0.1 … 20.0
  • Shelving Filters:
    • Low Shelving: – 6dB … + 6dB
    • High Shelving: – 6dB … + 6dB
  • Delay: 0.0 … 3.1m
  • Functional Keys: MUTE, DIM, MID, SIDE
  • Connection: RJ-45
  • Dimensions: 18.0 x 14.0 x 6.0 cm
  • Weight: 600g