Mercury AM16D Micpre Module


Mercury Recording Equipment Mercury D Series AM16D

After 20 years of custom racking vintage modules and 15 years of manufacturing Mercury products, David Marquette and the Mercury design team have designed the first Mercury D Series Module for Mercury G810 Rack Systems and any 500 series rack. Going back to an old favorite and previous, classic inspired Mercury product, the Mercury AM16, we now offer the Mercury D Series AM16D Studio Microphone Amplifier Module. The Mercury AM16D is a D Series / 500 Series version of the original American, modular, transistor type preamplifier built in the 1960s. The AM16 is well known for being very musical overall, open and airy on the top end, and having a tube-like “air” characteristic not found in most amplifiers of the same type.

Key Features:

  • Gain Control (0-50dB, 0 = Line Input)
  • Phantom (48V)
  • Polarity (Phase Reverse)
  • Output Control (Fader)
  • Newly designed Direct Input featuring the Mercury FDI Circuit
  • Peak Indicator for ‘hot’ signals
  • Transformer coupled inputs and outputs with custom wound transformers modeled after the originals
  • Amplifier gain set at 50dB like the original “AM16 R” high gain setting
  • Fully discrete, “transistor type” circuitry
  • Can be used as a microphone amplifier (mic pre) or a line amplifier (booster)
  • Direct Input designed for direct recording of bass, electric guitar, keyboards, and drum machines