Mercury BRUDER


Mercury Recording Equipment Brüder

The Mercury Brüder combines one M72s channel and one M76m channel in a single 3U package. This unit is now available from our Custom Shop (special order). Both channels are multipurpose tools for making music. The Mercury M72s is warm and punchy, with a thick bottom end, a great push in the mid range, and an open airy top end. The M72s performs great on vocals, bass, drums, acoustic and electric guitars, as well as room and overhead applications. The M76m is warm, open, and airy. Compared to the M72s, the M76m is overall more evenly “EQ’ed,” meaning there is not a push in the low or mids. The M76m shines on vocals, bass, and guitars (you have amazing control on the amplifier’s tone), and opens up your room and overhead mics. With 72dB (+/-) of total gain and a choice of high or low input impedance — ribbon mics are big and open with the M76m.

Key Features:

  • Combines one M72s channel and one M76m channel in a single 3U package
  • M72s: Warm and punchy with a thick bottom end, great mid range push, and open airy top end
  • M76m: Warm, open, and airy with a more evenly “EQ’ed” sound
  • 72dB (+/-) of total gain on M76m
  • High or low input impedance options on M76m
  • 58dB of gain on M72s
  • 72dB of gain on M76m (60dB input gain, +6dB(+/-) of level control and +6dB when low impedance is selected)