Mercury GrandPreQ15s


Mercury Recording Equipment Grand PreQ15s

The Mercury Grand PreQ15s is a fully discrete mono studio channel with a 3-band equalizer, high & low pass filters, and fully balanced transformer-coupled inputs and outputs. The GPQ15s has many additions to the classic circuit as well as all the modern features you will require packed into a solidly built 1U chassis. The Mercury GPQ15s boasts premium components, custom transformers, and is proudly built in the USA. The GPQ15s comes with an external premium quality power supply, the Mercury DC-1.

The Mercury Grand PreQ15s (GPQ15s) Studio Channel contains the Mercury Grand Pre Microphone Amplifier, Line Input Amplifier, Response Selection, High and Low-Frequency Filter Circuits, and Output Level Control.

Key Features:

  • Direct Mic/Line Switch: Engages the 1/4″ jack as the input source, accepting an instrument level signal.
  • Direct Input (1/4″ Jack): Used when the Direct Mic/Line Switch is engaged for instrument level sources.
  • Gain Control (Course Gain – Input Attenuator): 0dB and -12dB for line level sources, -24dB, -36dB, -48dB, and -60dB for mic level sources.
  • Fine Gain Control: Adjusts the input gain by +/-8dB from the setting on the Gain Control.
  • Output Level Control (Fader): Reduces the output level of the GPQ15s, functioning like a fader on a console’s input channel.
  • Phantom ON/Off LED (Red) and Phantom On/Off Switch: Powers phantom powered microphones when engaged.
  • Phase ON/Off LED (White) and Phase On/Off Switch: Reverses phase when engaged.
  • EQ In/Out LED (Blue) and EQ In/Out Switch: Toggles the EQ section on and off.

Treble Controls:

  • Treble Frequency Selection: 5k, 7k, 10k, or 16k
  • Treble Cut/Boost: Continuously variable control for cut or boost of 11dB at the selected frequency.

Presence Controls:

  • Presence Frequency Selection: 350Hz, 700Hz, 1.2k, 2.4k, 3.6k, 4.7k, and 6.8k
  • Presence Cut/Boost: Continuously variable control for cut or boost of 14dB at the selected frequency.

Bass Controls:

  • Bass Frequency Selection: 35Hz, 50Hz, 100Hz, and 160Hz
  • Bass Cut/Boost: Continuously variable control for cut or boost of 13dB at the selected frequency.

Filter Section:

  • Low Pass Frequency Selection: 5k, 7k, 10k, 20k, and Flat
  • High Pass Frequency Selection: 220Hz, 100Hz, 45Hz, 20Hz, and Flat

The Mercury Grand PreQ15s includes modern enhancements to the original circuit, providing greater flexibility and control, making it a versatile tool for any studio environment.

  • Power Indicator LED: Indicates power from the Mercury DC-1 PSU.