Mojave MA-37


Mojave MA-37

A Modern Take on the Classic Sony C-37a. Crafted by Technical Grammy Award Winner David Royer, the MA-37 combines the nostalgia of the golden age of Hollywood recording with cutting-edge microphone technology. This modern reinterpretation captures the exceptional headroom and the unique ability to tame harsh high frequencies that made the original Sony C-37a a beloved studio staple.

Key Features

  • EF86 Tube and Lundahl Transformer: Ensures warm, rich, and detailed sound reproduction.
  • Custom Capsule: Crafted in California to capture the distinctive sound of the original C-37a.
  • Adjustable Polar Patterns: Mechanical shutter allows for selection between cardioid and omnidirectional patterns.
  • Single-Stage Tube Amplifier: Simplified circuit design for purer sound quality.
  • Hi-Pass Filter Controls: Located on the power supply with settings for flat, 100Hz, and 200Hz.
  • Historic Legacy: Embraced by iconic figures from Leonard Bernstein to modern artists like Bon Iver.
  • Capsule Type: Single diaphragm
  • Polar Pattern: Choice of cardioid or omni; via mechanical shutter
  • Frequency Response: 30 to 18,000 Hz. ±3 dB (“M” setting)
  • Sensitivity: -46 dBv referred to 1 volt per pa.
  • Maximum SPL: >135 SPL
  • Distortion: Not to exceed .5 percent at 134 dB
  • Self Noise: Better than 18 dB
  • Bass Cut: M flat, V1 -6dB at 50 Hz, V2 -6dB at 100 Hz.
  • Impedance: 170 ohms, floating. Recommended load 1500 ohms or higher
  • Power Requirement: 115 or 230 VAC, 50 or 60 hertz; 5 watts, 6 volts DC at 200 mA, 140 volts DC at 1.5 mA from dedicated power supply.
  • Dimensions and Weight: Microphone – 6”x2” 1lb, Power Supply – 9.5”x7.25”x4.5” 5.5lb, Case – 18.5’x13.5”x7” 16lbs.