You asked for more SiX… SSL listened. Introducing BiG SiX

Based on the widely acclaimed Solid State Logic SiX desktop mixer and incorporating feedback from artists, producers and engineers to create the next step in SSL hybrid production, BiG SiX is a studio grade mixing console that combines features from legendary large-format SSL consoles with full USB integration, additional processing and extremely flexible routing to deliver the quality, features and workflow audio professionals have come to rely on from SSL.

BiG SiX’s SuperAnalogue™ design delivers the punch, clarity, and ultra-low distortion that engineers love from the 9000 series consoles with the flexibility of 16 channels of high-quality AD / DA conversion and USB interface. Featuring an essential version of the SSL G-Comp Bus Compressor now with renowned ‘Auto’ release, Channel processing in the form of Dynamics and three band EQ based on the iconic SSL 4000E, comprehensive monitoring section and up to 18 channels of analogue summing at mix-down, BiG SiX is the essential SSL studio.

Key Features:

  • Four SuperAnalogue™ ‘Money Channels’ featuring:
    • Mic / line level input / Hi-Z
    • Phantom power / HPF
    • Classic SSL Channel Dynamics
    • Updated three band LF/MF/HF SSL EQ (based on SSL E Series)
    • Fully balanced insert point
  • Four stereo inputs featuring:
    • Dual mono switching
    • Wide gain range
  • Built in 16 channel high quality USB AD and DA Converters:
    • 96 kHz / 24-bit
    • Advanced routing
  • Three compressor flavours:
    • Classic SSL Channel Dynamics
    • Listen Mic Compressor
    • Essential version of G-Comp Bus Compressor
  • 100 mm studio grade faders:
    • Classic SSL response curve with large sweet spot
    • Long throw, as found on large-format SSL consoles
  • Professional LED meters:
    • Fast and accurate peak response
    • Large 12 segment main / 8 segment channel metering
    • Defined segments for +24 dBu and +18 dBu
  • Essential version of SSL Bus Compressor:
    • Based on legendary G-Comp design
    • Now with renowned ‘Auto’ release
  • Two headphone outputs:
    • Independently routable source matrix
    • Professional quality headphone amp
  • Comprehensive Monitoring section:
    • Switch between two sets of monitors
    • Mono / dim / cut
    • Flexible monitoring source matrix
    • Talkback
  • Two stereo cue feeds
  • Bus B / Mute switching
  • Two fully balanced stereo summing inputs
  • Up to 18 inputs at mixdown
  • Mix Bus inject for cascading additional SiX/BiG SiX