As the latest in a long heritage of SSL studio mixing consoles, ORIGIN has traditional analogue studio workflow at its heart whilst providing the perfect partner for a modern DAW-driven hybrid production studio. Its classic design looks back to the origin of in-line consoles for signal flow inspiration, incorporating cutting-edge analogue developments to deliver a unique sonic signature that’s still unmistakably SSL.

ORIGIN is more than just the culmination of four decades of technical innovation. With our deep knowledge of workflow and studio integration, we understand that a console has to provide the immediacy and well-executed ergonomics that will inspire and engage a modern studio environment. We believe ORIGIN does this and more, leading the way with a fresh look at how an analogue console complements the latest digital tools and production techniques.

Solid State Logic – ORIGIN

The legendary SSL consoles of the 70s and 80s helped define studio production. ORIGIN takes these principles and combines them with a modern feature-set that bridges the gap between digital production and analogue console workflow.

ORIGIN – Next generation analogue studio console

A purely analogue in-line design with 16+2 buses, E-Series EQ and the classic SSL Bus Compressor, ORIGIN breathes new life into a design classic across the whole console. The new PureDrive™ mic pre inherits the clarity and purity of previous SSL mic pre designs, with the ability to switch character to a warm, harmonically-rich and driven tone that varies with mic pre gain.

The new mix bus and mix amp architecture delivers an amazingly low noise floor along with huge headroom. The result is a mix bus that retains the classic SSL sound, whilst bringing the breadth and space to mixes that engineers and producers love from analogue summing.

Balanced insert points per channel path (both large and small fader), dedicated channel direct outputs, stem-ready 0dB fader bypass switches, plus a new configurable centre section, make ORIGIN an ideal way of adding console workflow to a modern production studio.

The adjustable centre section features 12U of rack space, allowing the modular 6U master tile to be repositioned to create space for software controllers, a computer keyboard or additional outboard processing. The meter bridge can also be lowered into the centre section, enabling a screen to be positioned so all your production software can be viewed just where you need it.

ORIGIN master control

Bus masters trim and routing

ORIGIN features sixteen ±10dB trims for the track buses, with routing assign switches for each bus.

Stereo returns

Four Stereo Return Inputs provide the ability to route to Mix and Track Buses, with level-controlled feeds to Stereo Foldback Outputs A & B.

Monitor source, select and levels

The monitoring section features independent Trims for Alternate Monitors 1 & 2, variable DIM level, MONO plus Left & Right MUTES and øL polarity switch. You can select your monitor source from the main mix, three external stereo sources or a front panel stereo 3.5mm jack input, with a Sum switch allowing selected sources to be listened to simultaneously. The monitor speaker selector allows you to choose between the Main monitors plus two Alternate monitor sets, plus headphones with level control (under console armrest).

Bus compressor, oscillator and sleep

Classic SSL Bus Compressor with sidechain access and HP filter.

The 400Hz internal oscillator has an additional switched 3.5mm jack external input, a level trim plus To Mix and To Buses switches. The unique Auto Sleep mode enables automatic detection of prolonged inactivity to put the console in stand-by, reducing power consumption and making ORIGIN significantly more efficient than legacy SSL consoles.

Solo master and meters

Comprehensive Solo controls provide choice of Solo-In-Front with Mix Balance, Solo-In-Place for Large, Small & Group Faders and PFL options. Solo Level, Solo Clear and Red Light Switch complete the available options. Peak Hold Selection plus Peak Clear for all console LED Meters. Mix Meter Follow Monitor Source option increases main mix meter flexibility. Independent DIM controls for Channel and Monitor Inputs to reduce meter distractions in busy sessions.

Mix bus, communications and masters

The mix bus features a high-quality 100mm fader, with fully balanced switched Insert for external bus processing. There are Master Talkback and Listen controls, while a matrix of sources and outputs manage communications and foldback to studio floor and artists, with Listen To Talkback feature for simple artist-to-artist communication. Cues and Aux Masters feature output trims and AFL switches for Stereo Cue A & B buses plus mono Aux Buses 1 to 4.

ORIGIN channel strip

  • 4-band parametric channel EQ: Acclaimed SSL E-Series four-band parametric channel EQ, with variable Cut/Boost per band. HF and LF bands have Bell switches to change from shelving curves to bell curves for additional EQ sculpting.
  • Large and small fader: Features a balanced Insert Point per Large Fader and Small Fader path. The small fader control consists of a 60mm high-quality audio fader, plus Pan with centre detent, while a 0dB switch bypasses fader to set unity gain. Small Fader path also features Solo and Cut. 100mm high-quality audio fader (not shown) on the Large Fader path, with independent Pan, Solo, Cut and 0dB switch.
  • Channel and Monitor Inputs and Direct Output: Channel Input typically feeds Small Fader path for recording, with versatile switchable Mic/Line pre-amp with Gain, 48V and Polarity Invert. Line Level Monitor Input with Gain Trim, typically feeds the Large Fader and is used with discrete DAW feeds for analogue summing or record signal monitoring. Channel Direct Output helps print post fader paths to a DAW to create Mix Stems. Two Stereo Cue feeds with level and pan provide foldback mixes, with four mono Aux buses with level control to feed mixes to external effects or create mono parallel mixes. The in-line structure delivers the twin paths needed for recording to and summing from a workstation, with simple path routing indication and fast push button access to alter signal flow.