Wolff Audio Freq EQ


Wolff Audio Freq

Sweepable 4 Band | Proportional Q Parametric EQ. Meet FREQ, the latest addition to the Wolff Audio family. FREQ is a Sweepable 4 Band, Proportional Q Parametric EQ packaged for 500 series. It is very flexible, extremely accurate and will deliver exceptional audio performance for every project type and size.

Designed by Paul Wolff, a prolific engineer with four decades of EQ design experience and given the FREQ name by early adopter Terry Lewis, this product has serious audio heritage.

The FREQ possesses the desirable features of classic Proportional Q EQs with characteristic wide Q that narrows as you boost / cut. Paul has taken it a step further. Rather than stopping at one octave he has added 1/3 octave capability. With it you can notch tightly with the same EQ that you can use for gradual wide boosts.

The front panel controls offer just the right amount of adjustment along with the Proportional Q control. Minor EQ adjustments are wide and more extreme adjustments are narrow for notching-out problem ringing.

The HIGH and LOW bands feature an additional WIDE mode that changes the Q to a 3-octave wide fixed filter without the infinite frequency response of a typical shelving equalizer. Because the WIDE rolls off gradually at passband ends it helps to keep out-of-band frequencies from causing clipping on HF and LF.

The two MID bands include a 1/3 Octave lock that allows for surgical notching of problem frequencies with lower cut adjustments that would normally be wider in the Proportional Q mode. Whichever mode you use FREQ is designed to keep you out of EQ trouble.

The FREQ features a custom Cinemag nickel and steel blended output transformer that’s the preferred choice for transparency without coloration.

Be assured the Wolff Audio FREQ is well behaved and does what you need, quickly and without any guesswork. You’ll use it for everything – from small, minor tweaking to major tonal overhauls.

  • 4 Band Equalization with Proportional Q
  • 2K 20K HF with “WIDE” Option to Switch Wide – Shelf
  • 350-10K HM with 1/3 Oct Lock
  • 75-2K2 LM with 1/3 Oct Lock
  • 25-700 LF with “WIDE” Option to Switch Wide – Shelf
  • Cinemag Nickel and Steel Output Transformer
  • EQ Bypass Switch – A True Hard Wire Relay Bypass
  • Distortion Less Than .03%, 100Hz and Higher
  • Distortion is Primarily 3rd Harmonic Below 150 Hz
  • Clipping Onset at +28 dBu
  • Green Signal Indicator
  • Draws Less Than 100 Milliamp per Rail