Wolff Audio MeMore


Wolff Audio MeMore

Headphone Cue System for pro (and home) studios. Fully analog, plenty of channels and loud headphone amps. Ergonomic, fully expandable and built to last.


MeMore is a Personal Headphone Cue system designed to provide an artist with complete, intuitive control of individual mixes. The absolute requirement: get a mix, always stay focused and in the groove. MeMore has no menus and no screens. Everything is on the front panel to be twisted or pushed – simple, intuitive and instant.

12 input channels: 8 Mono inputs and 2 Stereo for comprehensive channel count. 2 headphone amps with separate volume controls and they are LOUD! Built-in “HearMe” mic is used for the talkback channel and unique room mic foldback into the mix.

All I/O is accessible via 4 DSUB connections on the rear panel (and mirrored on the bottom panel for mic stand mount applications). Each channel includes a pan pot, level control and the useful T-Q EQ found on Wolff consoles — a “tilt” style one knob equalizer. Channels 9/10 and 11/12 also have dedicated inputs to receive dedicated input signals.

Each input channel has a PFL level LED (full intensity at +4dBu). The Main Headphone Master Output level controls also have a post fade level LED. Each output is paired and driven by internal amplifiers with isolated power to minimize crosstalk. The industry standard 500 series power supply delivers mega punch.

Cascade as many MeMore units as necessary to create personalized mixes for everyone. The HearMe mic mixes into the headphone feed through a unique 2:1 compressor that provides room perspective, perfect for background singers or drummers. The same mic also facilitates private communication with the control room using the Talk button on the front panel (or using the 1/4 output jack that supports a “sustain” style foot switch). The talkback signal is also available via a dedicated jack on each unit.

Connecting MeMores together uses standard DB25 cables (or EtherCon with available adaptor). The MeMore keeps it simple, effective and exceptionally clean with reliable analog mixing.

  • 12 Channel Mix – 8 Mono, 2 Stereo
  • Private Talkback from Each Unit, Includes Trim and Level Controls
  • Unique HearMe Circuit Uses the Talkback Mic and Foldback Control to Mix Room Ambiance into the Local Headphone Mix
  • Two Headphone Amps with Dual Outputs, Isolated Power and Individual Volume Controls
  • Included Accessories: Handles, Mic Stand Adaptor
  • Multiple Cabling Options (DB25 and EtherCon)
  • Every Channel has T-Q EQ (A “Tilt” Like Single Knob EQ), Pan, Level and Pre-Fade LED Indicator
  • Industry Standard 500 Power Supply
  • DSUB Connectors on the Chassis Rear are Mirrored on the Bottom Panel for Cable Management Options