Wolff Audio RefPre


Wolff Audio RefPre

The RefPre is designed to be transparent to the source signal. Hear the Mic, not the Micpre. The 500 Series RefPre Reference Preamp stands out for what it won’t do. It won’t color your audio. Never Ever. The transparent design uses minimal circuitry and signal paths.

If your go-to preamp ‘must haves’ include exceptional accuracy and extra headroom to deal with a variety of mic types, including those with high output and ribbon styles, then this preamp has you covered. It also includes a switchable +10dB gain boost and phantom power safety lockout for ribbons.

Try the RefPre for your mic, line, and instrument preamp requirements and it will quickly become your new favorite.

Designed as an option for the Wolff Console, the RefPre has 60dB of gain, phantom power, switchable polarity, and a source selector for the XLR/INST front panel input. The Ribbon mic selection increases the gain to 70dB and adjusts the mic impedance. The RefPre is ideal for sampling and emulation mics, such as the Slate VMS that rely on a fully transparent preamp. Mic pairings with Earthworks TC25 for toms and kick and PM40 for piano deliver exceptional results as does a pairing with the Neumann TLM 103 to add a discernible presence.

The RefPre is a great addition to the audio pro’s toolbox in recording studios, broadcast suites, and for engineers that require the highest fidelity and accuracy for their art.

  • Transformerless microphone preamp with a stepped rotary switch for repeatable gain adjustment from -10dB to 60dB in 10dB steps
  • Ribbon mic circuit provides an extra 10dB of gain with auto impedance adjustment and phantom power lockout
  • +/-6dB trim control for precise gain trim adjustment
  • Output fader, continuous adjustment from INF to full output
  • Frequency response +/-0.5dB from 10Hz to 80kHz
  • Low noise and distortion: -125dBu EIN and 0.0005% distortion @ 60dB of gain
  • High headroom: +28dBu output
  • Switchable 12dB/octave 80Hz high pass filter
  • Signal indicator LED glows green on signal and flashes red at +18dBu, 10dB below clipping
  • Front & back panel access for mic input
  • Front panel instrument input with dedicated Hi-Z input amp, accessed by the MIC/INST switch
  • Polarity reverse switch / 48V phantom power (output mutes during switching)
  • All gain adjustments and switches are relay based for improved reliability