Wolff Audio Sunset Sound “Tutti”


Wolff Audio Sunset Sound “Tutti”

The Tutti microphone and instrument preamplifier, a collaboration between Paul Wolff and Sunset Sound, captures the famous “Floater” micpre found in Sunset Sound’s legendary Studio 1 console. This preamp is a tribute to Tutti Camarata, an audio innovator and the founder of Sunset Sound. Along with his internal engineering staff, Tutti created the original preamp installed in the Sunset Sound Studio 1 console, used to record thousands of tracks in legendary sessions. Paul Wolff and Tutti’s son, Paul Camarata, have painstakingly developed this 500 series version of the renowned preamp. Attention to detail was paramount, utilizing Cinemag transformer designer David Geren to replicate the original transformers.

The Tutti is elegant yet simple, engineered by experts who know what it takes to capture exceptional tracks for legendary performances. Built with top-quality components, it adds warmth and precision, making it a welcome addition to any session.


  • Signal Indicator
  • Selectable Input Gain in 10dB Steps
  • Output Polarity Selector
  • 48 Volt Phantom Power Selector
  • Adjustable Gain Trim, ±6dB
  • Instrument Input Selector
  • Front XLR Mic and Hi-Z Input

Once you work with a Tutti mic pre, you’ll understand why it was so successful decades ago and is considered a true classic today, just like its namesake.

  • Green Signal Indicator
  • Fixed Input Gain Selectable in 10dB Steps
  • Adjustable Gain Trim ±6dB Continuous
  • Selectable Mic and Hi-Z Instrument Input
  • Less Than 0.03% Distortion <100Hz
  • Switchable Output Polarity
  • Phantom Power Selection – No Pops When Switching
  • Front Connector Mic 150/1500 Ohm; TRS 100K Ohm
  • Custom Dual Cinemag Nickel I/O Transformers
  • Minimal Phase Shift in the Usable Response Range
  • Draws < 100mA per Rail
  • Discrete Dual 990 Op-Amps
  • More Than 60dB of Gain
  • Clip Onset at +28 dBu
  • Flat Response from 10Hz to 60kHz
  • Output Fader Continuous from Inf to 65dB