Neumann, founded in Berlin in 1928, has long been synonymous with premium studio microphones and professional audio technology. Renowned for their uncompromising commitment to quality and innovation, Neumann’s products are trusted by recording studios, musicians, and sound engineers worldwide for their exceptional sound quality, reliability, and lasting value. With a rich history of groundbreaking inventions and a dedication to precision craftsmanship, Neumann continues to push the boundaries of audio excellence, now offering a comprehensive range of products including studio monitors, headphones, and audio interfaces, ensuring a seamless end-to-end workflow at reference level for professionals and enthusiasts alike.


22 Boutique Microphone Shootout With Band Faux Real

We spoke with ‪art pop group Faux Real‬ about recording their new album and offered to help them pick the best microphone for their voices. We are grateful they agreed to share their acapella vocals with you so you can hear a wide variety of vocal microphones and hopefully, it helps you make an educated microphone choice too. 

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Neumann MT-48 vs Universal Audio Apollo || Recording Band Club Oro

We set out to compare the sound of two popular audio interfaces, the Neumann MT-48 and the Universal Audio Apollo. Both are used in professional and home recording studios and each offers a unique sound quality and workflow.

In this video, we compare the sound of solo vocals, drums, guitar, acoustic, bass, keys and the full band so you can hear the differences to help you pick the interface that is best for you and your sound.

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